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Some patients require a very special therapy - this blonde slut, for example, gets a thorough inspection of all of her fuckholes which includes the doSteffi knows that resistance is futile: Master J.J. has tied her to the cross, and he demonstrates for Nathalie what S/M is all about, pussy torture iDana is nothing but a little fucktoy for her master. If he tells her to blow his dick, she kneels down and gladly complies. And if he tells her to stiIf the Master hadn't been so mean to his lovely slaves, he wouldn't be in such dire straights now. The two girls decided to mount a counterUndisciplined Subs - BDSM PornNathalie becomes witness of Master J.J.'s bondage skills. It's quite fascinated what he comes up with to discipline his little slave whore!For hours now, Dea has been patiently waiting for her Master. He's very pleased to find her blindfolded and down on her knees, but that doesnSteffie is a skillful burglar, but this time she gets caught by the landlord. And this ruthless guy decides to take the law into his own hands. Poor SHally's always horny - and when she's horny, this sassy little subslut wants to be dominated and abused. Her master makes sure that she getsThis is a lesson these young sub-girls will not soon forget! Teacher Dr. Lueppers is a well-known expert when it comes to discipline and subtle and noThis Gothic couple is something you won't see every day. He is so mean, and his young sub is so lovely, but all she gets from him is pain and punMaster HUL has a young slave girl who's totally devoted to him. Still, he's never quite satisfied with her performance and constantly triesEve is a young and inexperienced subslut who's not really ready for what she bargained for when she put herself in the hands of her new Master. HWhat is it with this slut that she seems to enjoy even the most painful kinds of punishment? Her ass is whipped until it's burning red, a chain iMaster Dayhan is not amused: His maid Angel has raised her voice without his permission. Now she has to pay the price for her lack of discipline. FirsLady K. is hosting a dinner party. And she has a special surprise for her guests. She offers her maid Emily as a slave to the gentlemen, who are moreCaro doesn't feel so good today, but the doctor knows exactly what will make her feel better: The little slut needs several clyster treatments! OFirst, she is immobilized by her master who wraps a tight rope around her body, then she has to endure hot candle wax on her sensitive breasts and nipWhen her master puts on his sunglasses, Celia knows it's torture time. When he drops hot wax onto her entire body, she makes strange sounds and sThe man in black knows what this blonde subslut really needs. She's tied up, gagged, and becomes subject of his special nipple torture.It's amazing what this blonde subslut must endure in terms of pain and humiliation. When an inflatable dildo is shoved up her pussy and it'sSusanne's master is very fond of her huge tits. And what better way to show his affection than to put clamps on her nipples and pull on them so hKatharina has a problem: She's both a masochist and a nymphomaniac. So she goes to the doctor who subjects her, and especially her pussy, to a veSandra just messed up the dinner she was supposed to fix for her master. He doesn't accept her apologies and takes her to his dungeon where he suThis poor fellow has to deal with three recalcitrent subsluts. The one with the enormous boobs is the worst of them, and she is badly punished for herIf you go to a woman, don't forget the whip! That's certainly true for Leesa. She subjects herself to all kinds of debasing acts, includingSara is so clumsy!  She's just spilled her Master's wine, and immediately  she realizes that she won't get away with it.  Part of her eToday, Maria's master is absolutely focused on the pussy of his maiden slave. It's absolutely incredible what he does to this young sub andBlindfolded, gagged, beaten and whipped, her nipples and her cute little breasts adorned with clothes pegs, and a clit sucker for her pussy - thatThis pain-loving slut is wearing a tight-fitting nylon suit that emphasizes her sexy curves. Her master is delighted and starts using and abusing herIt's quite obvious that this submissive slut enjoys every minute of her ordeal. She even smiles as she is being spanked, whipped and degraded toDiana tends to be quite rebellious at times. When she refuses to suck the dick of her master he grabs her by the hair, pushes her down and sticks hisEven though Dea is Master Dayhan's favorite slave, every now and then he also takes care of Dana - a young blonde neophyte, who still has to learJustine is into all kinds of BDSM games. From her master, she can always expect the unexpected. Of course, she's used to getting her body waxed bKatharina enjoys the privilege of being a guest in Dr Sado's torture cabinet. He ties her up until she can't escape anymore, and then the orIt's just too bizarre. Because this hot blonde beauty is so crazy for pain - it's like she doesn't feel alive as long as her gorgeous bSteffi and her lesbian friend Tina are having a really good pussy-licking time on the couch. But all of a sudden, he appears, out of nowhere: The hideDiana has been working for her boss for more than two years. During the day, she's nothing but his secretary, but when he makes her work overtimeTimia is so extreme in her desires that she has real difficulties finding a master who can give her what she needs. She loves to be humiliated and abuThis lucky guy really loves his two pets: two hot girls who will do anything for him. First, he wants them to spank each other, then he orders them toBurning candles, hot wax on hot skin: This slave whore has to endure some bizarre games played by her master. She is punished in the hardest and hotteThe perverse after-hour session in  the bar continues with a nipple torture for both girls, and it concludes with a lesson in bondage. Especially BimbOne really has to wonder what's wrong with this girl. She has to endure so much pain by the merciless hand of her master, but somehow she managesThis pretty thing is every man's dream. She is ready to get fucked whenever you want, she likes to be a sperm receptacle, and she loves to be abuThere is never any doubt that the master gets what he wants. This blonde MILF whore is shown who's in charge as she is tied up and bound, slappedAn we should be grateful for that. Because her misbehavior affords us the opportunity to become eye witnesses of the hard lesson her master makes herLady K. has invited some friends over for a little party. Three cute girls offer themselves as fuckslaves, and what starts as a little get-together tuDea is Master Dayhan's favorite slave. She's well-educated, shy, and extremely subservient. Still, there are times when her Master has to puThis blonde sexy slut knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. In this case, the big fat cock of her employee. A good hard fuck and a nice spanTwo of the girls are tied up, and they are truly treated miserably by Lady K. and her guest. It starts with a good, hard ass-whipping and continues wiWhat's the best way to tame a lewd young girl who has nothing but filthy thoughts on her mind? What about making her crawl like an animal, whippiWaitress Yonata has a tough job: She not only has to serve the customers but also her boss. Whenever he feels like it, he treats her like a worthlessYou better be on time when you have date a with your master! And when you're late, you better be ready for some punishment: Britney learns the haThis Asian sub-girl is the perfect object for Osada Steve's bondage art. Using just a red rope, he turns her into something like an immobile sculOne really has to wonder what's going wrong in the twisted mind of this young subslut. She loves to be disciplined, and she follows every order oThe first punishment this big-titted subslut is submitted to is a not-so-subtle nipple torture. Then her master forces her to masturbate until she isChrissy is the perfect slave. She just waits for her master's order, and when she disobeys, she's is anxiously awaiting punishment. And sheYvette is a submissive little slut who wants to be treated like a cheap piece of meat. So her master does her the favor, starting with a subtle clit aThe cleaning lady thinks she's alone in the bar and checks out a box labeled Private. Bad mistake! When the owner discovers that she messed withBlindfolded, gagged, beaten and whipped, her nipples and her cute little breasts adorned with clothes pegs, and a clit sucker for her pussy - thatSalma is her master's favorite bimbo. She makes him really hot by performing a hot lesbo show with another sub called Sandy. And he shows her hisIt's amazing how much pain some girls can endure. It must be something in their genes that predestinates them to become perfect slaves. Chrissy,Who's afraid of the man in black with the pale face? Well, sexy Jenna has plenty of reasons to be scared because this cruel guy has just one thinNo, school's not out for these naughty school girls. The real lesson is just about to begin. The teacher shows no mercy, and subjects them to varMaster Loki  has a new slave-girl, and this is what she has to endure: breast torture, spike-wheel on tongue, pussy whipping, anal and vaginal penetraMaster Osada likes to keep his slaves hanging in abeyance - and we mean this quite literally. First, he ties up his two subsluts like Christmas presenHer master will discipline her until she finally shuts up and complies with all of his wishes. But it takes some time and some extraordinary measuresBarbara is a sleazy whore that loves to suck dick and get fucked. Her master knows how badly she wants his cock but prefers to give her something elseSweet Steffi has a daydream while she's under the shower. But somehow this dream turns so real, so concrete - and so frightening: There's thThese two voluptuous barmaids are both badly in love with their master. They gladly offer their hot bodies for his insidious cruelties, and what was iIt's Valentine's Day, and Scarlett's master has a very special gift for her. He makes her bend over and adorns her well-shaped butt witAll three subsluts are stacked up like shindles on a roof. For Lady K. and her  buddy, the girls are just willing pieces of meat and victims of theirMaster Osada doesn't show any mercy with his cute slave girls. While Agesha is watching, he humiliates sexy Michelle by tying her up until she caThe two hostile waitresses have turned into submissive sluts in the hands of their conquerors. The guys are in charge here, and they even order the giThe bar is about to close , Bimba and her colleague Zora are tired and ready to go home. But all of a sudden two guys enter the bar and insist on gettUndisciplined Subs - UndisciplinedSubscom Jin is so obedientLovely Mia is still young and unexperienced, but always willing to learn. She doesn't dare to protest when her master plugs up her wet pussy withMalou will do anything for her master or rather: he can do anything to her. First he shoves his dick into her mouth, then he transforms Malou's bSarah and Anja pay a visit to their neighbors. They expect some nice conversation and a hot cup of tea - but this weird couple has something else in mGive this bitch what she deserves!This big-titted slave whore is not your typical German housewife. Katja gets her kicks out of pain - intense pain, that is. She also doesn't mindPetra needs some preparation before she gets fucked and sprayed with cum. A good spanking and some fisting is this bitch's idea of a nice foreplaEmily is such a submissive slut! The waxing and whipping makes her so horny that the two guys decide to fuck her on the dining table. The little bitchAs soon as she is being blindfolded, Dea knows that nothing can stop the punishment awaiting her now. She's totally helpless as her master dripsAgesha is completely tied up and hangs from the ceiling like a strange kind of chandelier. Her master has complete control over her delicate body andIs this a woman or some bizarre work of art? It's quite incredible what Jenna's master is doing to her perfect body. Her pussy and her breasTwo cute schoolgirls get their asses spanked by their teacher. Needless to say that they screwed up on purpose - they both have a crush on their teachUndisciplined Subs - A well shaped ass deserves special attentionSome girls just love to be humiliated and want to be treated like a worthless piece of shit. This blonde girl, for example, begs for all kinds of puniBiggi can be such a bitch! At least in the eyes of her master she's far from being a good subslut. As a consequence, she has to suffer through vaSlave-bitch Bellaluna has fiery red hair and big natural tits. And she's a little conceited - much to the displeasure of her master. He decides t

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