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Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 14Nicki Blue is about to learn the true meaning of sadistic bondage. She has no clue what we are capable of, yet, but she is going to learn.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 5At some point Dana Vixen thought that joining us for a live feed would be just like another day with Sister Dee. She can be so naive.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 8With so many members bringing their twisted ideas to the table there is always another surprise coming when Lila comes to RealTimeBondage.When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 1Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 2Most girls know they will get a reward when they suffer enough for their masters, but Cherry Torn too many masters to please them all.Lila Katt is freezing from what she has endured but a bit of biting cold is not enough to get her mercy from the members of RealTimeBondage.Nyssa Nevers has seen enough of our work know that she wants us to take over her life for a day. She is going to be completely at our mercy.If this is Hell for Lila Katt, then it has frozen over. The RealTimeBondage crew had some terrible winter weather and they decided to share.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 7Marina is the bitch in the barrel. It leaves her head open for any kind of torment. PD gets creative and makes a gag fit for the circus.Tia is still locked into her bondage and she is ready for more. There are so many things the membership and the crew want to do to her.Nicki likes to think of herself as a performer so we gave her the chance to strut her stuff for the members. She is going to put on a show.Cherry Torn is an appropriate name. When she gets here for her live feed with RealTimeBondage our members and crew are going to tear her up.Double Blind StudyReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 16Charlotte Vale was far too full of herself. She thought that she could handle whatever sadistic ideas the RealTimeBondage crew conjured up.With tits like Dana has she had to know that the members were going to want to play with them. It is not like she could not see it comingThe members request whatever they desire and Lavender Rayne fulfills them all. She  suffers, screams, fucks, sucks and cums, all on command.PluckReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 1Every girl that sees what we do at RealTimeBondage volunteers to go next. Something about having their experience streamed turns Dana on.Daddy's Little GirlReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 7Lunch time is always a mess at RealTimeBondage. Nicki Blue is actually lucky that she is allowed to eat off the floor in relative peace.Pluck Part 3Sara Jane Ceylon. She is hot, she is blonde, and she is all ours. We can do whatever we want to her. Our members have more than a few ideas.Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 15PD has a brand new tool and he is anxious to see how it works. The members are just as ready to test out their new toy, Cherry Torn.We told 314 early that we did not want to see her cry but she just cannot hold it all in. Now we will have to give her something to cry overThe live feeds can be long and grueling. That is just the way Mei likes them. There are so many masters and they all want to see her suffer.Real Time Bondage - galleryMei wants to submit but one master may not be enough. She needs to have as many sick sadists as we can find taking full advantage of her.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 10Darling Comes Back to PlayWhat Alani Doesn't KnowReal Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 9Piper is a fresh new face who has never had an experience like this before. She has never had the opportunity to serve so many masters.CuntwalkThe scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in clothes pins. The frame she is on keeps her legs spread and her back arched perfectly.S.A.M. stands for Smart Ass Masochist and that is totally Sister Dee. She keeps talking shit and the punishments keep on rolling in.Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 12Catherine de Sade is about to be whipped, canned, slapped around and fucked up. The entire RealTimeBondage crew is there to make it happen.Trina Michaels wanted to come to us at RealTimeBondage because she thought she had seen the most brutal bondage that the world has to offer.Real Time Bondage - Bondage PornReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 17Lil Nikki Nymph thought she was up to the task of doing a live show for us, so we figured we would put her to the test.Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 6The events of the day have already left their marks on 314. She has welts all over her body from the punishments that she has endured.Interrogation is an art form. Getting straight answers from someone like Nicki Blue when she is under duress seems simple, but it takes workBeing the subject of a Real Time Shoot is a dream Charlotte Vale will get to live out now. Our crew looks forward to making her suffer.It is pretty easy to tell that this has been a long day for Dana Vixen. Even begging is bringing her to the verge of tears suddenly.314 has been in this cage for hours and it is really starting to wear on her. This is the perfect opportunity to show her what real pain is.Cuntwalk Part IIITrina Michaels is coming to RealTimeBondage to be the next masochist we make beg for mercy. The crew always loves ideas from the members.Trial by FireLila Katt has been with us all day already and she is starting to wear out. That does not mean we feel the need to go any easier on her.Penny Barber Comes to TownReal Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 2Mei Mara has seen our whole crew before but she has never dealt with our membership. She freely admits that they scare the crap out of her.314 recently did some time at and it has whet her appetite for intense bondage. Now she wants to try doing it live.412 knows how live feeds work. As soon as the camera comes on everything becomes unpredictable. All of the members have such painful plans.Ashley Graham is a smart ass little bitch who has seen more than one live feed and thought she could do it better than anyone else.The best part about RealTimeBondage is that it happens live.  Girls like Nikki, who think they have seen it all, have no clue what to expectCherry has always been one of our favorite girls to fuck with, so when we found out she wanted to come in for a live feed we were ready.Nicki Blue is the first girl to ever have a repeat performance at As such we have some really special surprise for her.Piper Hill cries at the drop of a hat. We love watching a pretty young thing come apart at the seams and Piper is quite the spectacle.Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 10The last time Hailey came to see us it was so tough she could hardly complete the show. Now to see if Round 2 will be just as hardcore.Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 3Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 9She can beg for pain or she can beg for humiliation. It is a decision she does not want to make, and in the end she will get both anyway.Elise Graves loved our torments so much that she was begging to be a part of a live feed. Before the real pain even starts she is in tears.Tia Ling loves bondage almost as much as she does service. She wants to please but with all of these requests it will be a tough job.Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 8Lil Niki Nymph has had a long day but it is almost over. She thinks that this metal frame is the home stretch but there is one more surpriseCuntwalk Part IIReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 11Our infamous live feeds are known for taking models and pushing them to their limit. Tia Ling has decided she wants to undergo that test.Tia can only hope her suffering is about to end but it is so hard to tell. There are no clocks or windows to provide her that reassurance.Hailey Young is a screamer who thought that signing up for a day with Real Time Bondage was a good idea. It was. For everyone except her.Cherry Torn has had a hard day but the painful way that this horse splits her pussy is a sign that things are still going from bad to worse.Real Time Bondage - gallery 1Trial by Fire Part 3Things are heating up fast for Trina Michaels. She is all caged up but the members want to roast this pig. They keep piling on the torment.Charlotte loves attention. She feels validated whenever there is someone using her body or just staring and lusting after it.Announcing a casual Live Feed program beginning at 12 PM Thursday, 1.20.11. The lovely and generous  Pi (aka 314) has agreed to an introduction of herReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 13Hazel Hypnotic wanted to know how devious our members could be. On June 25th she is going to find out. We will see how much she can take.Dia Zerva has volunteered for the Independence Day festivities. The deviants behind the keyboards have a few ideas to make this party great.412 learned a very valuable lesson when she came to visit us. Anything that is not outside of the limits is inside of them.Wenona Has Come Looking For PainReal Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 4Real Time Bondage - Bondage Porn 3Trial by Fire Part 2Nicki Blue loved her last experience at RealTimeBondage so much that she had to come back for more. Now the members will take her down againJade signed up to be the next bitch in line for RealTimeBondage. That makes her the cunt du jour. What do the members have in store for her?Live feeds are an ordeal that pushes the subject to their limit. Sybil Hawthorne has come to us so that her mind and her body can be broken.Calico has had the opportunity to observe our live feeds before, so when it finally came to her turn the stakes have to be higher than ever.Sarah Jane Ceylon Goes LiveReal Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 6Real Time Bondage - BDSM Porn 18Double Blind Study Part 3412 recounts some of the filthy dreams and sick fantasies she has for us and our members while slides her fingers all around her wet pussy.Nikki Darling's August LIVE FEEDClaire Adams confesses a deep desire to be bound so tightly she cannot move so PD turns her into a circus-freak fuck-doll like none other.Trina Michaels came to us because she wanted to feel completely degraded. There is no reason to treat her any better than a piece of meat.412 is physically fit, but is one hell of a workout. The members want to watch her work out until her muscles burn.There is a sick fate in store for Lil Niki Nymph. They want her to take a cock deeper down her throat than ever before with awful results.314 has joined us for a long day of fun in the dungeon. The members want her to know how her body tastes and she is bound to their orders.PD put it best. It is not just a room full of sadists, but an internet world full of sadists. Rain DeGrey is in the center of that world.

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