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A powerful spanking for three naughty hotties.This goes beyond spanking.These two are positively hot, whether eating pussy or spanking each others butts.A tattooed, muscular man spanks an ethnic looking woman who is spread out on a pool table.She does not seem to be enjoying this at all.Very hot tow watch a woman of color take a spanking.Her punishers seem to be merciful, but her ass still takes on a bunch of stripesThis ass is not just red, but rosy and welted.This spanker really enjoys her work.  The pain AND the raw sexuality.A bespectacled fellow takes out after a girl in little clothing who is ready but not willing to get spankedThis is what I am talking about.  Lesbian who really enjoys nibbling on the butt she is spanking with both hands.Two women and a man each take turns at dishing out a serious barrage of blows on reddened rumps.We would all really like to be this guy.  This girl is just hot, hot, hot.A brunette canes the buns of a redhead.More girl on girl.  We focus on her face as it contorts in pain.This starts out tame, a little playful slapping over her skirt.Exotic pretty Asian girl may not love getting spanked, but she does seem to enjoy eating pussy.Two hapless babes take the whacks in this one, and headmaster and wife do not forbear.Pussies are not always targeted, but they are here.A Master, a paddle, a cane, and a very unhappy student.Two lovely asses take it very well.  But the pain gets the best of them.A girl in a miniskirt is the recipient of discipline.This is a must see if you like serious pain and punishment.blonde and brunette soundly spanked by man and womanThree young women caned by their English mistress, some with panties, some without.  She seems to enjoy her work as most mistresses do.Sometimes she seems to take this punishment, but her ouches seem authentic.A Mistress disciplines a young girl.This schoolgirl is more susceptible to pain than some others we have seen.The redhead reaches between her victimâs legs as she spanks her and plays with her pussy, then slaps it lightly.panties down, hands, paddles and canes on her bottomSitting down will not be pleasant for this naughty blonde for quite a few days.This is painful for them, but will be enjoyable for you to watch as they writhe in pain and humiliation.Two school-age girls in their uniforms are up.  One a plump redhead, the other a pigtailed blonde.We don't know who is hotter, spanker or victim.Lots of pussy piercings and some cruel anal penetration to boot.pretty girls and pretty asses.  Not sure which I prefer to watch.If she needs the job she should shape up if she wants to keep it.Even a bare hand makes this one jump.  Imagine what happens when the cane is used.These are great shots.  The video delivers in spades.Our guy hits hard on the blondes white panties.  Then a woman gets in on the act and takes her licks.A punishment well-deserved.Made to write while she is taking her thrashing.Always hot to see a woman spanking another.  Here we have three blondes practicing the art of turning each others butts red.Older woman whacking a young student.  A couple of hotties get it in this video.This punishment is more severe than many of our other videos.Deserving of punishment, the lady doctor makes sure she gets it.dressed as a professor, but this is no academic exercise.  He knows how to inflict punishment.A young man reddens the buns of a young girl when he uses a stick to whale away at ball gag, ropes and leather;  hard coreShe is a little plump.  Her punisher is much more so.  No skinnies here.the usual hands and instruments artfully appliedWhat is so hot about a woman with glasses delivering punishment?He likes his tools.  Nice to look out, but painful to touch.Not content to punish this great butt, he feels her pussy and tits as wellMustnt cross our spankmaster.  he doesnt even know how to hit softly.We dont often see such an instrument.  Straight from nature, a tree twig which leaves its marks!This lucky guy gets to spank and strap a passel of beauties.These three take turns.  Women sometimes whip harder than men.This daddy has his hands full as daughters and wife must all be punished.

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