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Nicki Blue has nothing left to give PD except her tears and her service. He has stripped away her clothes and next will come her dignity.Infernal Restraints - Bondage Porn 1It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold.Lorna is a vocal little thing when it comes to playtime with PD. There is a constant string of moans and sharp cries as he works her over.PD is nice enough to give Mina multiple orgasms and she is such a cunt she refuses to suck the dildo clean. SD will teach her a lesson. Mina will learLoosen Up That HoleSister Dee is not in isolation for long before the effects start to set in. For one she becomes convinced her captor actually cares for her.Why do these sluts insist on asking for things? If Hailey had just been content alone in the dark she could have saved herself a lot of painInfernal Restraints - Bondage Porn 4That little strap of leather Elise Graves has around her throat may look innocuous enough but it is so tight that her face is turning blue.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 18PD wastes no time with a slut as hot as 412. They have history, so she knows exactly what to expect; tight bondage and sadistic punishments.Calico got pinched for being a street walkerIf Nicki is going to spend so much time bitchin, then PD is going to give her something to complain about. He has a no patience for her shitPD has Sasha Sparks packed into a tight little cage and it is not at all comfortable. The metal is cold and hard against her tender flesh.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 5Tell me you want me to hurt you, PD said, and Lavender obediently compliedDia Zerva is one piece of ass PD never tires of fucking withSybil has been teaching sedition to her students and that will not do. Now PD and the class are going to give her a lesson of their own. She was neverSybil Hawthorne had never heard that saying about not serving two masters. Now PD and SD are making demands and she cannot satisfy them bothInfernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 8Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 12Marina likes to be thought of and treated like a worthless cunt but PD finds value in everyoneSweet SurrenderPD broke out his bitch cage again to teach this cunt vikki how to be politeTeamworkCompromises Part 2Lilyanna likes to call herself things like sweet but word slut is far more accurateInfernal Restraints - gallery 1Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 10Infernal Restraints - Bondage Porn 3Lila is the perfect petInfernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 3Something twisted is about to happen to Sarah Blake. Damon Pierce feels like nailing her and, of course, he decides to do it literally.PD is transporting his prisoner out to his private farm. You may not be able to tell through the hood, but Calico is actually quite excited.Calico is too pretty for her own goodSophie is stuck she thinks that PD is going to help herWith a new girl like Tricia Oaks you can always tell how badly they want it. The scent of her lust and anticipation hangs heavy in the air.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 14Infernal Restraints - Bondage Porn 2Cane RainInfernal Restraints - galleryCrystal Frost thought the toughest part of being the with PD was just taking the pain but psychologically it is much worse than that.Bethany is going to take a lot of dick. PD has a collection of cocks to make sure she does not have to go a minute without her holes full.The days PD just wants a set of holes are the easiest days in a slaves life. Just follow instructions and they can avoid the punishments.When Damon plays with Tia she says exactly what he wants to hearInfernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 13Niki Blue has often fantasized about what it would be like to take a powerful and sadistic man inside of herself for the first time.Elise Graves always screams the best when she has a hood on. The claustrophobic confines allow just enough air flow to keep her consciousThere is nothing that PD demands of Cherry Torn that she would dare not to give to him. She is locked up and at his mercy.CompromisesPD has set up electrodes to give Sarah Jane Ceylon a nasty jolt when the timer hits 0. All she can do is brace herself as each second passesPD has a device for every occasionSasha Knox is under the impression that she has rights so PD and SD are going to have to correct her. He will lay her bare and prove it. He strips awaHeavy Metal 2Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 2Lavender Rayne is a slut. It sets her apart from the rest of the world. Everyone needs to feel like they have a purpose, Lavender knows hersThe Sweat BoxCyd Black and Sarah Jane Ceylon are well acquainted. She is a bratty little bitch that needs to be put in her place sometimes.Women, even young and innocent ones like 314, are just objects to be used by men like PD. Offering rewards makes them think that he cares.Sophie Ryan thinks of herself as a secret slut. She loves tight bondage and being made to cum over and over, but then again, who does not?Bronte spends her entire life being a cock-tease to the men around her. That kind of behavior is unacceptable when she is with PD, though.Star and Cyd Black are having a very nice conversation. He is asking some strange questions and she knows it is all building up to something.Sarah is a birthday present to PDLavander learns first hand that pain is always worse when you have to ask for itLorna wants to serve PD because she has this silly idea that if she does well he might love her back. She is just desperate for attention.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 16Calico has a hot box that is a perfect, tight fit. She cannot see Damon Pierce, but she knows he is there. She can sense his eyes on her.Sister Dee runs a boot camp for bitchesThis metal frame is not what holds Rain Degrey so tightly. It keeps her arms and legs in place but it is SD that has bound her to her will.Bondage does not need to be tight to be painful. Cherry is about to learn this first hand. Room to squirm is the cruelest gift she can get.Charlotte Vale needs to show PD that she has learned something from her time spent in captivity or she will never earn a decent breakfast.If Mei Mara had any common sense she would have stayed in her fucking hole. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.Luxx is fucked. She is locked into position, doggie style on the floor and PD is lined up to make her feel like a real piece of trash.The Mark of the CaneFucking with Calico is like playing an instrument. She makes so many glorious sounds that PD and SD have to play a symphony on her ass.Daddy's Little WhoreInfernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 9When cumming makes you squirt a river you have to expect PD to use it against you. For Niki he finds a way to make her swallow her own cum.You would think that Elise would be used to the kinds of games PD likes to play. Unfortunately it is hard to read such a twisted mind.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 11Sasha loves being treated like an animal. Stick her in a cage and it will make her wet in minutes. She is just a beast of burden.Tia has a hot body that is perfect for fucking with and her mind keeps it ready for morePD loves Rain Degrey because she is terrified of everything. Even the merest threat of punishment has her sobbing and begging for mercy.Each new position PD puts Kendra James into will be more uncomfortable than the last and exposes her holes to new torments.Ashley Graham thought she could take whatever PD decided to dish out but that is just hubris. It is a game PD is going to win every time.Star showed up in our dungeon with this assumption that suffering would earn her something. She thought the submission would be her choice.The most perverse mind in BDSM is at it again. The head-cage that Elise Graves is in is an absolute masterwork of malicious metal.Marina is just too sexy for a single sadist; she needs to be shared. Of course, SD and PD have plenty of experience as partners in pain.CapsizedTia does not want PD to be unhappyCrissy is not a very smart slutJade Indica volunteered for some electrical play with Claire Adams. All she thought it would involve was a few stim pads or a violet wand.PD is showing Elise Graves around and she is fascinated by all of the wonderful toys. He keeps a sadistic stock of places to lock a slut.Catherine DeSade is terrified of the look of things. It is a dark room with no windows and the man she sees before her wears a wicked grin.Jade is the perfect girl to find by the side of the road; hot, alone and dumb enough to get in a car with PDStar has a very hard time with cummingTrina Michaels makes a magnificent captive. She fits perfectly in the cage PD has prepared for her once he pulls her tits through the bars.Beverly makes a wonderful fuck puppetPD knows the best way to keep a sweet little cunt like Lilyanna fresh for useBasket of Flesh (a.k.a Filthy Anal Slut)Elise Graves wants to be taken advantage of. She wants to feel like she has no control. She wants to be held down, hurt, and then abandoned.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 17PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behindNo matter how much Ashley Graham struggles against this iron frame, there is no room to maneuver and no leverage to be gained. She is stuck.herry Torn can hear the distant rumble of a train as she stares impassively at PD. He wants something from her, she knows that much.Rain signed on to play with PD before she really knew what the interview process was going to be likePD has decided to keep Beverly Hills where animals belong, out in the barnInfernal Restraints - Bondage PornThe insidious device that Lila Katt is locked into is a must see for anyone who enjoys seeing helpless women in the most fucked up bondage.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 19Marina knows everything about bondage is worse hanging upside-down so when Sister Dee gets a new inversion table Marina signs right upPD is training more expert sluts and Charlotte is next. She has the basics down, like cumming on command or sucking cock like a pro. The advanced clasWhen the camera starts rolling, Rain DeGrey is already in tears. Cyd Black has her kneeling on the hard wooden floor it is excruciating.Bondage is about innovation and this contraption proves it. It leaves Ashley Graham exposed, with her tits and limbs out like an offering.Mei Mara is an intense masochist. If she had the chance to take the severe punishments that PD dishes out every day she would jump on it.Dia Zerva finds pain as cathartic as she does erotic. It allows her to focus all of her thoughts on one point and let the world fade away.Sophie Ryan never saw this coming. The day started so well. In the beginning her bondage was tight but comfortable. Nothing stays simple.PD wastes no time in violating Nyssa. As soon as he had her bound her cunt was wet. He could smell her sex from half way across the room.AssylumSafe HousePD sends Nyssa to that special place inside her head where serving him is all that mattersNicki Blue wakes up in the morning to a screeching alarm and a job to do. She better make sure that PD wakes up with a smile on his face.PD loves the sound of a slut like Brina James screaming for mercy, but it is even better when those screams ripple through his cock.Emily Marilyn wants to do a good job for being a slut for her man but she does not know how. He is just going to have to take what he wants.Most prisons do not allow conjugal visits but for a piece of ass as beautiful as Charlotte Vale PD will make a very personal exception.Elise Graves continues her grand tour of PDs Play House. She checks out the implements of torment that he has set out and begs for a demo.Dana Vixen looks at Damon Pierce with a sense of longing. She wants him in dirty ways that she has no problem articulating.Kristine has mastered the good little girl look which makes her even more of a wild fuck behind closed doors. She is willing to do anything.Cherry Torn thinks she can earn her freedom from PD with a few cute looks and nice words but that is not the way the world works314 wants a sick and dangerous man. She wants that special someone to use her, crush her and toss her away like a fist full of tissues.PaingasmInfernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 4Mei cannot get enough pain and humiliation. She does not need to be forced or coerced into anything. All Claire has to do is make a demand.Hazel came to PD and said that she wanted order and purpose in life. He barks out directions like she is dog and she knows not to defy him.Something twisted is about to happen to Sarah Blake. Damon Pierce feels like nailing her and, of course, he decides to do it literally.Rain Degrey is trying to deal with the pain. She keeps clenching her fists looking for something to hold. She grunts and howls like a beast.Marina follows the orders she is given quickly and too the letter, but the true cruelty of them is not apparent to her until much later.Two Days of TormentA good day for Catherine DeSade is any day that she can find a strong man to take her down and use her up. A day just like today.Cherry Torn is going to face the BDSM double team that every slut dreams ofEveryone loves fucking with Calico so much that SD and PD decide to share her. Together they take advantage of her in so many ways.Moxxie makes a pretty hot little whoreMoxxie loves having things shoved into all of her holes. To her suffering is just one step closer to getting fucked into a stupor. Moxxie is a slut, tKristine Anderson is a piss poor student.  So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Sister Dee.Sybil Hawthorne is visibly shaken before PD even touches her for the first time. She is chained up and blind while he works around her.If ever a girl found herself in an Infernal situation it is Dana Vixen, right now. Every bit of her is being tormented and she loves it.Infernal Restraints - BDSM Porn 15Dia has a strong will and she has suffered for PD before but forewarned is not always forearmed

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