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Three young ladies dressed in tight rubber outfits share a male sub. He has to walk on all fours and lick every girl's pussy. And if they donLady Nicole is upset. Her little maid forgot to kneel down when the mistress entered the room. And now she has to bear the consequences: Clips on herThis rubber girl's pussy is Contessa Cara's favorite toy.  It is quite amazing what her little fuckhole has to endure. But this bitch is soPatiently, slave Nathalie has been waiting for her mistress on the Spanish Horse. Now that she's back, the torture must go on for the blonde subsAnna is a submissive little slut who always obeys her mistress's orders. First, she has to be of service when it comes to punishing a disobedientLady K. has two beautiful maids who will do anything for her mistress. Every now and then, though, they have to prove their loyalty. Without flinchingWhen Lady Livia finds out that her two lovely slaves were licking each other's pussy without her permission, she gets really mad. Both girls areThese lesbians really know how to have a good time! Slave girl Bimba has to satisfy her mistress's every desire. Some intense pussy-licking actioThree hot girls are taking care of a male slave. The poor guy is spanked and whipped and waxed, and afterwards he is fucked by every girl.Lady Nicole cares about her servants. And she never misses an opportunity to prove it. And what better way to show her affection than a good hard ass-A blonde beauty in nylon stocking has to learn the hard way what it means to be at Lady K.'s mercy. Being whipped and spanked by her mistress isLady K. and her pretty slave get along extremely well - as long as the Lady continues to administer extreme forms of punishment like waxing and nippleThese gorgeous latex dominas are incredibly mean and merciless. What they ask from their subs - one boy and one girl - is nothing less than total submLilly didn't do her homework, and her teacher is totally fed up with her. So she makes her go down on all fours like an animal, and sticks a fingWhat has this poor girl done to deserve such a treatment? Lady Sharon shows no mery when it comes to punishing her new maid. She sticks a finger her sThese two lesbians hoes really have the hots for each other. Slave girl Anja begs her mistress to do something about the itching in her pussy. And looWhy does she treat him like a do?Julie, for one, is absolutely submissive, and she enjoys all kinds of punishments. She really doesn't mind being tied to the table while her feetDomina Hera is a specialist at reading her sub's mind. So it doesn't take her very long to determine that Taranee wants to be punished - andLady Marlen's hobby is horseback riding. So she orders her slave to come along for a ride, then humiliates her by treating her like a little ponyEven though Lady K. is very pleased by the new white dress of her cute maid, she abhors the vanity of her sub. So the Lady decides that a little punisLady Hera picks up a horny guy in a bar. When she takes him up to her attic, he's in for a real surprise: Instead of getting fucked, he is treateAs much as Lady Hera enjoys her games with Betty - her favorite slave is Salma. Why? Not only because Salma looks gorgeous and is absolutely submissivThere are two dominas in this scene who combine their forces to subject their beautiful slaves to all kinds of sexual punishments. If you are into FemLenka is such a sweet little girl and one really has to wonder why her mistress is treating her so roughly. Is it because she was begging for punishmeLady Hera treats her two maids like animals. They literally have to crawl on the floor like little dogs, and she makes them drink out of a bowl. And wFemdom Violations - FemdomViolationscom All these creatures live for is fuckingLady Hera's servant has misbehaved. So she takes him to her attic where he receives his well-deserved punishment. You will get goosebumps when yoLady Domenika has her way with her new slave girl. First, Nathalie has to sit on a bizarre device called the Spanish Horse, then she's tortured wThis beautiful domina is so bewitching, she can do anything she wants with her two private slaves. The girl is wrapped in a fishnet and is not allowedJust pray that you will never fall into the hands of this merciless domina! She knows no taboos, she will whip you and spank you, she will ride you liThe Lady loves to see her human sex toys play with each other - but only as long they obey her orders, of course. And when she's pleased with whaLady K. is appalled by her subs behaviour, and she's determined to make her pay for her lewd conduct. Just watch what the Lady does to Hally'Lady Nicole has a new slave. At first, he refuses to obey her commands, but after some hours of training, he is absolutely submissive. She can even taPlease meet Domina Hera - or should we rather say that we hope you won't have to meet this epitome of female dominance? She gives her male slaveWhen the slave can no longer endure the pain that the Lady and her maids have inflicted upon him, he is ordered to stand tall while the maids take turHe looks like a strong weight lifter, but deep down in his heart this guy is anything but strong. On the contrary, this male specimen is born to be aDomenika knows exactly how much pain this experienced subslut can endure: Silke likes it hot, so her Lady sticks a burning candle in her ass, and giveLady Hera has found a new victim. This poor fellow is humiliated and treated like a worthlesse piece of male meat by his mistress. He has to lick herIt's quite amazing what this fellow has to endure in our Femdom Hospital! His dick is literally hooked up, and nurse Lady K is subjecting him toMs La Teen is not amused: her three young disciples love to provoke her, and the teacher decides to take action.The first  target of her anger is ChriThis male servant is forced to wear nylon stockings and a maid's dress - and when he makes a mistake Lady Yvette makes him pay! She waxes his assThese two servants are completely rubber-wrapped, even their faces are unrecognizable. And to make matters worse, their mistress also treats them likeSome woman have pets to keep them company, others prefer men. This lady keeps two guys as her personal slaves. Every dog is treated better than theseThis Dominatrix has some twisted desiresNow it's time to teach Lady Lou's maid some discipline. The beautiful girl is forced to spread her legs, then Lady Lou shoves her rubber fisSome students lack discipline. And sometimes teachers have to take extraordinary measures to get their attention. This schoolgirl receives a very unusMistress Domenica has fiery red hair and also a fiery temper. Whenever one of her slave girls refuses to obey, she has to be prepared for some mercileLady K. shows some mercy, and gives her slave a break. She's such a good mistress that she even orders one of her maids to give him a blowjob whiPoor guy! He's just trying to earn some bucks for a living but instead of getting a little money, he is used and abused as a fuckslave by this heWe don't know what this sub-girl has done to deserve this kind of treatment by her mistress. We only know that Lady K. must be pretty upset whenIt's really hard to say whether one should pity or envy this young slave. On the one hand, he has two gorgeous blonde girls entertaining him. OnLady K. is really mad at her rubber slave. So she decides that this rubber-masked being needs some serious punishment. She orders her down on a steelThese two innocent school girls receive some intense lessons in spanking by their cruel teacher. But once they are tamed, they also get a sweet rewardThis guy is in for a very special pain treatment. He endures whipping, spanking, hot wax on his dick and his balls, as well as some electrical shocks.As innocent as she may look, this young latex slut is pretty perverted! She has some very special erotic fantasies that revolve around pissing and beiFemdom Violations - The Lady knows hows to please her subSlave Betty brings home a new whip and begs her mistress to try it on her. Domina Hera just can't say no so she whips and spanks her beautiful maSubslut Bimba was brought into the hospital with some severe symptoms of sexual submissiveness. The pretty blonde nurse is doing everything possible tHera's collection of subs is quite diverse: She not only has two maids at her disposal but also a male fuckslave who, of course, is the lowest inAll this guy wanted was a new job. But his interview with Lady Nicole takes an unexpected turn. Has nobody told him that you have to be really submissLady Julia's sub's nickname is dickface - mainly because he always has to wear this very special mask on his face. Julia keeps him in a cageLady Lou is quite displeased with her slave, which is no surprise in view of his fat belly and unkempt look. So she decides to teach him a lesson he wSharon can be such a malevolent bitch - especially when it comes to her female subs. Today, she has devised a very special kind of punishment for herNow Natalie discovers her dominant side, and Mike volunteers as her willing slave for intimate S/M games. She whips him and beats him and tortures himLady Hera's chauffeur has had an accident with one of her luxury cars. And because she doesn't belong to the forgiving sort of woman, she maSubslut Bimba has a weird dream. She finds herself in some strange place in the middle of nowhere, haunted and bound and utterly helpless while some aLady K. is appalled by her maid's lewd conduct. So she makes her stand still for a while: with painful pegs attached to her pussy and her breastsThis young conscript has to learn the hard way what it means to be in the army. His superior officer is a very tough and dominant woman who obviouslyAnja is endowed with a perfectly shaped round ass. Her mistress knows what Anja asks for when she sticks out her butt and begs for punishment. The whiFirst, she makes her male bimbo lick her boots Then she gags him, whips him, and waxes his ass. And, as if this wasn't enough, she also sticks aNatalie always strives to extend her sexual horizon. In this scene, she orders her friend Mike to try some new sex tools on her, among them a vaccum pEmily has always been a faithful servant, so Lady K. decides to reward her for her services. She can have her way with the new slave, and he is ordereAfter Lady Domenika has had her way with her subs, Nathalie and Silke, they are rewarded for their good behaviour: The two slave girls get a male sexNow Lady Lou lets all her creatures loose! Maid Jenna and a male rubber slave withdraw into the basement to exchange body fluids. But soon they are joYou have to break them in! Lady K. knows exactly what she has to do with this good-looking guy. Since he wants to please his mistress, he has to learnLady Livia has invited two young guys for an intense lesson in love and pain into her chamber. While one guy is obviously quite submissive and is treaSharon da Vale and Lucy Lain are best friends - and they share everything. In this case: A well hung male slave who's abused as a fuck slave. ItThis handsome sub is subjected to all kinds of punishments by his Mistress. She tortures his dick and his balls, sits down on his face and almost suffIs there a punishment more degrading for a man than to be fucked in the ass by his mistress with a strap-on? This fellow tries to appease Lady Hera wiColonel Jenny is really pissed at this guy! Because he refused to lick her pussy, he now has to bear the consequences of his inaction. He is treated lOfficer Dona knows how to treat her jailbirds. In this case, she forces a prisoner to take a dildo into his mouth, then stick it into her hot wet pussLady Lou is in an especially bad mood today. And it's no question for her who's to blame and who has to pay the price. That's exactly wFemdom at its best: Lady K. is having her way with an extremly submissive guy and two young sluts begging for punishment. Her main target is the slaveLady Domenika teaches this guy what it means to be truly submissive. First, she makes him lick her leather boots, then she zeroes in on his most preciLady K. knows all the secrets of how to humiliate men. This poor bastard is spanked so hard that he finally begs for mercy. But the torture has only jLady Hera is having breakfast, but her coffee tastes like lukewarm water! The Lady is really pissed and her butler has to pay the price. First, he hasTied up, blindfolded, gagged, whipped - this guy is subjected to various kinds of debasing acts by his merciless mistress. He almost cums when his domSharon and Lucy are best friends. So it's no problem for them to share a male slave.  His cock soon becomes the center of the girls' attentiThis poor soldier never expected that his time in the military would be this hard. His superior officers beat him up, they piss him in his face, and t

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