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An extra tie makes this video unusualWill we ever run out of hot young women who are willing to be pained and humiliated?  I hope not!We must be frustrated plumbers.  All these pipes!Some women come to us with so much body modification that they are used to pain.We punish two gals here for your pleasure.  Feel free to put yourself in our position.Interesting tie-up.  Her nipples are affected by every movement of her neckBoy these are nice tits.  And bound the way they are, one can only imagine how nice they feel to the touch.  Go ahead.  Imagine!A nifty penetration device awaits this hapless beauty.Pretty girl.  All contorted in knots.I love it when they have clothes on, then have them removed or are made to remove them themselves.When a girl comes to us with pierced nipples we figure she enjoys the pain it is necessary to bear in that area.  So with this one we stretched and ti...but the big tits are real!shaven pussy;  she can really take it.We love girls who punish and torture other girls.  Something real exciting about that.We say that because who wouldn't be grateful for a nice vibrator on a pole up your business to bring you pleasure.starting out in schoolgirl skirts, soon naked.A twist you may not have seen before.  A little leather strap across her mouthThese tits are bound to where they turn bright red with confined blood.Our gal of the day is roped up in awkward positions, the better to humiliate and pain her.She is a tough one.  We have an air-supply cutoff tube in place.  Think we should use it?That has to hurt.  But much more for this babe.And of course breasts bound tightly.The things we put our girls through...such deviant devices we devise.We like to knead these, and slap them and whip them.Hard to call this pussy abuse.  Pussy is a nice word.  He treats her such that we can only call it cunt abuse.  He treats her like a cunt.I worried about this girl.  If she had moved too erratically with the rope around her neck she might have been seriously injured.Nice combo.  Her ass cheeks show clear signs of whipping.  But the vibrator cures all ills.This girl takes them all!Being pretty cuts you some slack elsewhere.  Not here.You gotta love how these guys take their time, relishing the procedures and devices as they deliberately cause discomfort, pain and humiliation to ourWe enjoy penetrating these girls.  After all, they allow us to do unimaginable things to them.  We come up with new devices all the time.  Why not givWe have seen you before, Red.So much more of her to punish.  Not really fat, but lots of flesh to play with.Locks and tight fitting skinsuit.  Bite down on this stick, Missy!Proud of these smallish, round boobs.You can only imagine what good head this one gives.  Bet she swallows.We made this hottie even hotter by dripping candle wax on her body and feet.And why not?  It is just like getting fucked, only harder.Her entire body weight supports those babies.  Ouch.Yes she has a bit of a belly.  Not immune to the whip, however.At least one of them is enjoying herself.such unnatural positions.  She would make her mother proud.She takes a licking and keeps on tickingWe love making girls come against their will.She is not going anywhere for a while.

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